Life is much easier when you have cousins, and they can be perfect substitutes for friends. Life without cousins is tedious, especially when you have a huge family. People with cousins of the same age prove to be great playmates with whom they can have fun and often form a friendship for life. Family functions would be dull without cousins. Cousins who are of our age are compatible, and you can do all kind of fun, one could imagine, with them. They will fill your life with so much happiness that you will never want anyone else.

Cousins are a blessing for those people who are the only kid in their houses. Since they do not have a sibling, they can enjoy the life of having one with their cousins. In joint families, the bond between cousins is no less than a sibling. They fight with each other, but at the same moment, love each other as well. They go for movies and places and enjoy a lot together. Cousins hold a special place in our heart, and almost every individual has a cousin on whom they can rely for everything and can share every talk.Your secrets are always safe with them and will face any difficulty that lies in your path. Your enemy is their enemy as well

The support that a cousin provides cannot be explained in words. The amount of love and aid that they have for you is beyond contemplation. Elder cousins they shower us with vital advice related to your studies and life. Their information will be of great help to you. Moreover, there would be another various fun stories that they will share with you and will fill your mind with new ideas and new experiences.

Time spent with a cousin is always memorable, and it still leaves a profound imprint on our lives. The relationship between cousins is altogether another type of bond. This bond becomes active with time, and the more we spent time with them, the more fun we do together and the more we come close. It is always seen that the bond that an individual share with his cousin is much deeper than the relationship they have with their siblings. This kind of a bond and the immense love they have is the most beautiful and sincere bond.

They have so much of love for each other that they always want the best for us and always guard us against all the problems. The bond is filled with diverse memories of laughter, teasing, fun, and stories that one will never be able to forget.