Is It Necessary To Unlove To Fall In Love Again?

Anjali Agarwal
Jun 15, 2019   •  47 views

Love is necessary for the universe to sustain. It makes you healthy and increases your will power. However, to love someone, do you have to unlove your previous love? Can’t you love two people at the same time? Whenever we feel that our love and dream has been shattered, we become desolated and are broken and then when, at that moment we get someone who tries to bring those broken pieces together we feel love, that love which has been taken away from us.

We are attracted to that person and want to spend more time with them. We think this because they had helped us at the time when we needed someone the most. This feeling, that we develop for them gets us confused. We feel that we are again in love, and we feel guilty about it; it seems as though we are out of one relationship, and we want to jump into another. This happens because we are afraid of staying alone; we feel that we need to find a person who could fill our void heart with so much love that we can never imagine.

However, when we get that person in our life, we are not sure whether that person is the one! Love is unique, and we love every person differently. The kind of feeling, that emerges in our heart for one person is very different from the love that blooms in our heart for someone else. So it is crucial for someone to destroy their feelings for the previous love so that they can move on in their lives; otherwise, they will always remain stuck with those old memories and old beliefs. Love is an emotion, and it is challenging to get rid of that love because instincts drew it.

Having feelings for two persons at a time is not wrong, but then it isn't loving either, and you should never try to constraint that feeling on you because it is not valid. It will only harm you and make you feel vulnerable. When such a thing happens, you need to find the reason for your love, and you have to understand , will that kind of feelings do you any good or will it only harm you in the future? Once you can decide this, you will know if you genuinely love that person or not. There will be situations where you would find it difficult to choose, and when such a thing happens, it is a hint that whatever feelings you have, is temporary and you need to wait, for when the time comes you will surely meet the one you are meant to be with.