A Solo Traveler’S Trip To Heaven

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A Solo Traveler’s Trip To Heaven

Kashmir can unarguably be called the heaven on earth. The beautiful lakes, surrounded by magnificent valleys makes us quote Jahangir’s famous words,

“Gar firdaus,ruhezamin ast,haminasto,haminasto,haminast”(If there is ever a heaven on earth, it's here, it's here, it's here) .

It’s now Kashmir’s state tourism promo tagline!

Going deeper we will see much more than just the snow mountains and warm coats and the gust of cold air. Here is to an experience that I will never forget. One would love to become a resident in the state where its beauty never ceases. This heaven never allows anyone to twitch away for any season. Summers are a family tour time whereas spring pops up the nature enthusiasts and the deal closes with winter for snow lovers. Travelling in Kashmir in the middle of Jan was the peak time of snow.

There are many activities that are available which is a go-to and a must-do and try-do accomplishments.

The Shikara Ride

A rowing boat through the dal lake is one of a kind experience if you are a scenic beauty admirer. The background beauty in the hills and the chirping of the birds are to be seen and heard when travelling in it. One can enjoy the ride and order eatables and shop too from the floating shops from the comfort of our boat.

·Kashmiri Houseboat

Halt in Kashmir is a concern for all as it creates a massive expense. That’s when they introduced houseboats. These are moored on the lake and are very well designed. Separate luxury bedrooms, rooms for dining and lounge, and a balcony facing the lake makes the house boats to trend swiftly.

·The Gondola Ride of Gulmarg

The cable car ride is an impeccable way of celebrating winter ticking off his bucket list wish. It’s a two phrase thrilling ride. First from the resort to the Kongdoori valley and the second to the peak of Apharwat. Half an hour experience is worth the long wait in the queue.

·Kashmir Skiing

Skiing is the most popular things one would definitely want to try out once in Kashmir. The geographical setting helps even the beginners to relish the skiing experience. Ice-skiing, holiday skiing and tobogganing are available for all age groups. These will give you an adrenaline rush. But during my trip, due to extreme climate, these were restricted.

The culture of Kashmir itself stands out guiding you throughout your journey. The places I travelled and the people I met were all from different states. Jan Morris, a Welsh historian, author and travel writer during one of her visits recollected that Kashmir had always been more than a mere place. It had the quality of an experience, a state of mind and an ideal .All in all it was a blissful change in life after this heavenly travel.



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