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Gulmarg in Winter-Source: Hello Travel

  • Gulmarg is nestled between the Pir Panjal range of the Western Himalayas. It is also called as one of the best skiing destinations of Asia which has a magnificent beauty to adore.

  • Gulmarg has been sprawling space since ages and the high rise mountains that cover this Valley is a source of wonder and amazement to all the tourists visiting here for a lifetime experience.

  • The coniferous trees add a silver lining as they are nested beautiful in the foothills of these mountains and the fresh snow that falls on them very briskly add to the charm and elegance of eternal beauty of Gulmarg.

  • With Ever pleasant climate that is prevalent in Gulmarg all throughout the year, winter is the best time to visit this place to cherish the snowfall and the snow Laden mountains with a dramatic view of the entire place.

Historical and geographical Backdrop

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Summers In Gulmarg-Source: Travel Idea India

  • It was initially named as Gauri marg which was later changed to Gulmarg, meaning of meadow of flowers.

  • The name that was given long ago continues to justify itself for the lush green landscapes and the variety of flowers that are prevalent across the valley which include daisy, forget me nots, pine and coniferous trees.

  • Geographical Gulmarg is placed at an elevation of 2650 metres from the sea level and is situated in the Baramulla district of Kashmir with a pleasant weather conditions that have average temperature temperatures ranging from 12 to 15 degrees.

Best places to visit in Gulmarg

  • Gulmarg Gondola

Gulmarg Gondola is considered to be the second highest cable car in the world with three phases operational over a period of 13 years.

The ever satisfying views that we get from the brief 1 hour ride of the gondola is magnificent and it feels as if time slows down in the valley.

We can reach the Kong Dori station after completing phase one of the ride, from where the second level starts which takes us to a height it of 2990 m. Prominent mountain ranges like pir panjal, Nanda Devi are clearly visible which shine in their pristine beauty.

  • Khilanmarg

At a distance of just about 6 kilometres from the Gulmarg bus station, is the place that serves to be a skiers Paradise in winters as it provides the perfect slopes to rush down with great speed, amidst the scenic backdrops of this region.

The Nanga Parbat can be distinctly cited from this place and it's grandeur is something unmatchable.

  • Alpather Lake

Such is the tranquillity of this lake and its surroundings that one cannot miss this at any cost. During summers it's a marvellous and peaceful sight to behold,that the fresh snow and the coniferous trees exude such a vibrant ambience to get lost in in ineffable beauty.

  • Maharani temple

A Very deep history is connected with this temple as it belongs to the Dogra kings of Jammu and Kashmir and is believed to be built by Mohini by Sodhi in 1915.This temple is of spiritual relevance to the Hindu community and the peaceful sanctity of this region continues to attract visitors on their trip to Gulmarg.

Best time to visit Gulmarg

The weather is pleasant throughout the year, averaging 7 to 10 degrees.

April to October is considered to be the best months to visit Gulmarg.


  • One can economically plan a trip to Gulmarg and the budget would depend upon the number of days planning to travel and on the level of comfort and luxury expected.

  • Flight to Srinagar will cost 5000 to 6000 each way approx.

  • Local taxis available to Gulmarg that would cost another 3500 depending upon the time when you visit Gulmarg.

(Generally during the off seasons, the rates are marginally low).

There are plenty of hotels resorts to check in which would range from 4000 to 6000 for 2-3 nights depending upon the needs of every tourist.

Routes to reach Gulmarg

  • By air Srinagar is the nearest airport at 56 kilometres.

  • By bus, one can choose various options with local buses starting their operations from Srinagar and Sonmarg.

  • By train, Jammu would be the nearest railway station at a distance of 290 kilometres from Gulmarg.


Since Gulmarg has become a sprawling place of tourist visitation many hotels have opened up in the valley that provide reasonable yet comfortable accommodation.

Some of the well known hotels that would give you an exotic experience of Gulmarg would be hotel Hilltop and Heevan retreat.

Political issues

With the scrap of Article 370 several parts of Kashmir have seen a shutdown because of a potential revolt by the local residents.

So before planning your trip in Kashmir please do check out the social and political conditions that surround the place during that period of time.