Apart from its great Art, Architecture and History, Delhi is famous for its local food streets, Wholesale Markets and the water parks. I have not been to all of it's market's but Atta and Sarojini remain to be my favourite. So there's a huge range of clothing for men and women both. These markets and local food walaa attract more tourists to Delhi then it's architecture. Other famous markets are - 


1) Tibetan market where goods and souvenirs are available from a Tibet and India tribes.

2) Katran Market Mongol Puri 


Katran Market in Mongol Puri is a very famous market which has small shops of different kinds of fabrics.

3) Chandni Chowk Market 


This is a huge market with a lot of shops specially for the wedding purposes. The variety ranges from wedding decoration baskets, Lehangas, Sherwanis etc. Also there are whole sale shops that are temporarily for Diwali, they sell packaging boxes, at wholesale dry fruits and many more. This is definitely a must visit market for all.

The Chandni Chowk Markets are famous worldwide, they have the best replicas of the latest designs and designers. Even if you are not an Indian you would end up buying so much. 

4) Crockery Market 


Crockery is one of the famous souvenirs that one can gift either themselves or to anyone in there family, but not everyone can afford Mikasa, Corelle Living ware etc. There are small shops that have a lot of crockery dinnerware, cups, plates, and you have the option to make a set out of it too. Plus there are various Chadeilers and decorative materials too.