6 Surprising Benefits Of Meditation!

Anirudh Khurana
Jul 01, 2019   •  108 views

Meditation is no longer an activity done by the monks and babas in the Himalayas. meditation now has spread all across the world and people are finding it helpful in their daily lives, here are the 6 surprising benefits of meditation.

1.Fights insomnia

Meditation increases blood circulation helping muscles to relax. Meditation takes your mind to the current moment and makes you calm, stress less mood helps to acknowledge that you are in bed, it is night time and that you are tired and you should sleep, moreover the improve breathing and proper mindset developed by meditation actually makes is easy falling into sleep.

2. Slows down aging

A Stressful life makes us look older and that is because the“telomeres” in our DNA gets a bit shabby. This is a natural phenomenon, but living under stress speeds up the process. Meditation has proven that it increases telomerase activity in the blood cells and that meditation increases the body melatonin level because of the healthy brainwave frequencies in our brain developed during meditation.

3. Develop improves memory and boosts mental health

It is a proven fact that when you meditate your brain develops, your brain creates more folds and develops more paths. Meditation boosts your memory and improves brain function speed, helping in dealing with stress and anxiety. Moreover, meditation helps improve dopamine levels naturally, which reduces the need to consume drugs and alcohol.

4. Reduces blood pressure

Meditation helps in reducing the blood pressure, this has even been referred by the US National Institutes of Health, as meditation is the most effective means for helping mild hypertension. Meditation reduces the activity of the adrenal gland activity while coping with high stress. when you control your breath, it stimulates your mood in a relaxing situation.

5. Helps in self-awareness

When you meditate your whole focus is on your breath, your breath is interconnected with your body. When you do long term mediation your body starts functioning more efficiently, your focus on your body helps to know about yourself, helping you to grow in a better you.

6. Helps to control pain

Your ability to feel the pain in your body is connected with your brain, the pain may exaggerate in stressful situations. Meditation helps to develop your mental strength and helps to cope with stress, it helps to control your ability to feel pain.In a study done on meditators and non-meditators, the results showed that mediators and non-meditators both experienced the same causes of pain, but meditators showed a greater ability to deal with pain and even experienced a less sensation of pain compared to non-meditators.



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