Internet is used for everything. Without internet today's life is really tough. Anything can be done through internet. Doing business in internet is trending today. This term is called​ e-commerce . This is doing business through online. We can get whatever we want by ordering through online.

The first e-commerce website in India was Flipkart . Everyone was excited to do online shopping. Following this many companies became famous like Amazon, Myntra.

OK shopping can done through through online but what about food? To answer this question there are many restaurant search. The purpose of this is to provide better food for more people. They need not go to Internet and eat instead the can sit in their house and can order whatever they want.

Like online shopping they can order their favorite food . Now the trending apps for this restaurant search is zomata and swiggy. All the hotels cones under this app they can choose the hotel and can order their food.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in this e-commerce. The advantage of this is we can buy anything from our house but the disadvantage is small shop retailer are affected much. But for everything there will be positive and negative side . Though these app are trending today people love to go for shopping and eat food in the hotel. These app can be use to save time.