"Beauty begins the movement you decide to be yourself"- Coco Chanel
' Being Yourself'I will ask you something that how many of you are being yourself? I can say the answer is , very few, a very few people are being themselves but the majority of people are not. They will act according to the situation.

Being yourself will bring you success. First you have to believe in yourself so that the other person around you will have the same. First one should have confidence in yourself. And should not stop only in believing but you have to work on that. Don't get afraid of doing mistakes. Those mistakes are the big lesson for you. Try doing things which you like the most.

Just simply don't follow what our ancestors had said, I will say that you should do wrong things to know what is correct. Get experience from everything. You should have your own theory. Never regret for the mistakes that you have done. Be proud to be unique. Try everything and choose the best which will suits you. If you do so that will be a great blessing for you.

You will become a great person. Making your life more meaningful is in your hands. Stop existing and start living. Live the life that you want to live and be yourself.