Hello love, hope you are doing well. I know you don’t want me in your life anymore. I remember I cheated on you. I promised you so many things which I broke in every step of my life. I promised you that we are forever but that “forever” ended in just 13 years. I told you that you are a irreplaceable part of my life ,trust me I meant that. Whenever I said I ‘love you’ I meant it. I know you don’t believe me anymore and I completely understand that. I remember those were so beautiful days when we used to spend time together. No matter how long or tiring my day would be coming back to the rehearsal hall at the end of the day was a stress breaker for me.

When I first met you I was 5 years old. That was the first time when my mother took me to the dance school. I never wanted to go , even I didn’t liked you for the next 5 years also .It was my mother who forced me to you. Dance was something to me that I have to do but everything changed when for the first time I performed in a solo performance. I realized how your love has consumed me. How much I want you in my life and how much being with you makes me happy. we spent 13years together and you were continuously trying to make you my best part ,and the most important part in our relationship was played by my Guruji . He was there in every ups and downs. There were times when I hated you for not supporting me . I hated you when my performances went bad , when people ciricised me for you but Guruji was always there to make me understand , making me practice more and more. And when you finally became my best part, I left you. Look I don’t know how it happened . I left my town and with that I left you. I met new people and with that new dreams , in between all that I just lost you. I tried to return back to you but it was too late.I know you don’t want excuses and I am not giving you one, but I need to get this out of my chest.

Today I want to say you sorry for all that I did to you. All those days when I said that you are my first love. Dance is my first love I really meant that. I wish I could stay with you forever. But its time to move on . so I did. I hope you find someone better.

Once a dancer



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Nicely written
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Well written...do check out my post♥️