Depression is one of the most common mental health disorder in teenagers. Depression can seriously effect our daily living and can leave a person with inability to carry out normal works. Depression mainly affects your interaction with your friends and family. It severely effects your sleep.

While everyone experiences moments of depression in their life it can be cured medically and moreover mental support can be the best cure to depression. Some symptoms of depression are :

1. Feeling emptiness or hopelessness is one of the most basic symptoms of depression.
2. If you are depressed anxiety will not leave you.
3. You'll frequently outburst and you will notice frequent mood swings
4. Depression will make you feel lonely.
5. Your interaction with friends and family will decrease.
6. You will always feel no energy in your body. You will try to avoid work.
7. You will always act thoughtful.
8. Most of the time you will feel headache and dizzy.
Struggling with depression can be terrific. You have to try hard to pull yourself out from this situation when you have no strength left in your body. Depression is all about persistent sadness and guilt of something wrong. one of the major cause of depression is hormone. Our rage, happiness, guilt, sadness every feeling within us depends on our hormones. When the feeling of guilt, the feeling of betrayal, the feeling of deprivation is more than any things else. When you feel you have nothing to be happy in your life. At that point of time you feel depressed. When you experience loss and you feel scared you hide yourself in order to protect yourself. You build a wall around yourself and allow no one to break it. You don't allow yourself to endure in to new relationships. You don't feel yourself worthy of real love.

A proper medicial cure can help you to deal with this and little support can bring you back. You just have to trust people around yourself that they will never hurt you.



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