Isn't it funny, the way we humans are blessed with the facility to rewind, to replay. It seems as the modern day technology is simply the manifestation of the powers vested to humans. It isn't a matter of concern what others in the animal kingdom are bestowed with, if one simply dwells on powers bestowed to Homo Sapiens, it isn't less magical!

Lovely is the caption. Lovely are those words. Capturing and mouth watering are those! The nature of human desires makes it unsatiating and its very nature makes it desirable at the same time.

Memory - The capturing facility records everything but on the basis of our interest. What Matters is recorded and played every now and then. Neurology explains the science behind its mechanism. Interestingly, recent study in neurology points towards possibilities of choice. The choice over what stays and what doesn't stay in one's memory.

Perception - The narrative one retells oneself again and again. It is largely based on the content within. The meaning of the statement goes along with the saying, 'One sees the world through the glasses it wears'. The story one believes, it creates via the powers of its imagination and manifests it in one's life.

A clip to get a look to the science behind memory:

What about the 'ten percent' myth?

And what about the impressions we make of people? How lasting are they? The demands socially expected from each one of us have got our cognitive powers into practice without us realising it consciously and most importantly it isn't absolutely comprehended by Science. Humanities looks at Human behaviour more cognitively, comprehending it cohesively on the grounds of various social and behavioural patterns based on observations and experiments.

The essence that can be drawn from these studies is the analogy of humans nervous system with apes. Apes show a similar pattern in socialising and behavioural organisations. The analogy concludes the reasons of the spontaneous and intuitive nature of human memory - Playing what it wants to.

The powers bestowed to mankind are surprisingly uncanny - when retrospected can lead to unfamiliar observations. They point unanimously in one direction, ' The more one understands complex mechanism of humans, the more it gets perplexed with its intricacies and complexities'.

Along with its functionaries - It reminds, replays, pauses and stops! It creates and destroys.