The conscience permits but actions and words choose not to adhere to it. The consciousness chooses instead, to build up its own palace of illusions firmly grounding it on play of emotions and one's worldly attachments. Is one's narrative accurate? Is the reality, a play of various narratives coming to action?

It is simply a juggle of one's ideals and choices. Being at par with the essentialities and necessaries via one's karma. What matters is you! It all started from dot and gets swallowed away in it.

One's holistic living starts with the acceptance of the existence. The existence is fundamentally living in absolute awareness. It began from nothingness and will be swallowed in it. The metaphysics indicates same via the big bang theory and the concept of black holes. The religions all across the globe hold a similar viewpoint on this. The concept of god is based on this scientific framework where god is described as the omnipotent force that came from nothingness and is capable of reducing everything to nothingness.

If one dwells on the correlation between science and spirituality, it reveals remarkable parallels. It is true that the interpretation of spirituality and religions has led to various religious fundamentalisms but one can't deny the power it holds at the same time. The concept of faith and tolerance introduced by various faiths across the globe are so relevant in the modern times where one is surrounded by toxicity at every nook and corner of one's life. The ideologies contained in various religious texts can evoke remarkable fascination if the essence contained in them is marked upon by the readers which is destroyed by the waves of time due to various reintrepretations and translations.

Interestingly, life brings one to subtle nostalgia contained in leading life in absolute awareness. The circumstances, encounters, accidents and memories make us revisit the unknown realms of life that aren't completely comprehended by mankind yet but that doesn't deny their presence.

The cosmos plays its sportive plays in bringing in the enigmatic dance of various elements. The plays that make us see the unseen. The unexpected. The fatalistic attitude it creates in humans is disempowering if looked dogmatically but at the same time, it manages to keep us enthralled by its mind-blowing subtle beauty which is nostalgic.

We, humans are nothing but specks of dust in the cosmos playing our part and disappearing at the moment meant for us.