How To Travel The World On A Budget?

Aman Saxena
Jun 22, 2019   •  16 views
"Travel is the Only Thing You Buy that Makes You Richer". Yes, indeed. Travelling is all about the memories that you create along the way. These memories stay with you forever. It enriches your experiences, brings precious friendships, deepens the bond with your family and a perfect way to learn about yourself.

But Money is a problem that holds people back from traveling. You do not need to be rich to travel. You just need good planning and a good mindset. You can experience more things just by wandering around a city and getting lost, talking with locals, and people watching. It’s a great way to soak up the local culture and get a real feel for the atmosphere of a place. You can explore local markets, wander around and take lots of photos, or even hike to the top of a hill for an awesome view. There are plenty of ways to travel cheaper:


Planning is one of the most effective ways to travel cheaper. Half of the cost of traveling will cut automatically on just a piece of paper. There’s nothing to say when a traveller’s mind wishes to visit the beaches, mountains, or a forest. Consider the cost factor, weather, safety and ease of accessibility while picking a destination. A key aspect to travel cheaper is to correctly estimate the number of days required to visit a destination. This will help to organize our money in an effective way and we will be able to spend them wisely. Keep some vacant days in the plans. Book tickets as early as possible. Booking ahead of time can usually save you about 50% of the cost of a ticket.

Pack Smartly

After the planning process is completed, it is now time to pack all the requirements. Prepare a 'checklist' that contains all the essential things including clothes, devices, medicines, and shoes. Read about the destination you are visiting.

Value of Right Time & Right Place

Choose the right time for traveling- consider the season and local weather of the area. Choose those locations which have cheap ticket prices of airlines and railways. Look out for the offers in the booking deals. Collect points from credit card transactions, online surveys and any other methods. You need to be flexible in either your date or destination.


Large dormitories are the cheapest paid accommodation. Their usage will not only cut the traveling cost but also make travel more adventurous and exciting. You can opt for hotels which are run by local people. You'll get to know them as well. Cook your meals. It's a stunning way of reducing your stress and keeps a check on your wallet also. If you are not a cooking freak, eat from native food stalls and embrace the culture of your destination while also saving money on food.

Bargain gently

Try to bargain in markets, shops, and local franchises if possible. If you don't bargain, you are almost certain to pay more than necessary. Be courteous and friendly (but firm) in your negotiations. Get Up Early in the Morning. It is the best time of the day. You’ll see a city come to life, there will be fewer tourists, and you will have more time to explore. Also, the early light is less harsh and can be the best time for your photography.

Use Public Transport

Use public transport where possible. You get great knowledge and insight by hanging with the locals, it costs you less and is a more authentic traveling experience. Riding the local bus, trains and three-wheelers have their own fun. Railways passes are a great way to save money when it comes to travel through trains.

Use Technology

Try not to pay cash, you can even spend it on things you wouldn’t have expected. Instead of cash, pay using cards, this way you will save money and collect points also. Get student cards or tourist cards from the local tourism office, they will offer a discount on food and tourist spots. Share money, clothes, and devices if you are traveling with a group. Additionally, if you have a skill, sell it. You can work as a translator for other tourists. Earn money while traveling and use them in other expenses.

Travel, Learn and Remember

Connecting with locals will make your trip more memorable and exciting. You’ll learn things about the city, cheap adventures that you might not have discovered on your own. Making these human connections will give you a greater experience. Speaking the local language will show that you care about the country and its people which will be very appreciated by the locals. In observing the cultures and customs of another place, maybe, just maybe we can understand ourselves better.