Let's Go Beyond Dhokla And Fafda To Know Gujrati Cuisine A Little Better

Alefiya Baramatiwala
Sep 24, 2019   •  21 views

The Gujarati cuisine is followed in a state in western India called Gujarat. The Gujaratis love to have varieties in their breakfast and meals and when you saw a typical Gujarati thali you can see dishes like roti, daal, rice, kadi, kathor, and a sweet. There are variations in the Gujarati cuisine depending upon the flavor and spices found and used by the people living there.


Gujarati Thali- Source: Cultural India

The staple food of the Gujarati's is kichdi made at home and a glass of chass. People living there are also fond of eating varieties of pickles. The Gujaratis has a high intake of salt, lemon, lime, sugar, and tomatoes so that they can keep themselves safe from dehydration as the temperature in Gujarat increases up to 50-degree Celsius.

The regions of North Gujarat, Kathiawar, central Gujarat, south Gujarat has given a great contribution to the Gujarati cuisine with their impressive and unique dishes.

Most known dishes of the Gujarati cuisine

The Gujarati Cuisine has an influence `of Jain vegetarianism and therefore Gujarat is formally known as a vegetarian state of India. Although being surrounded by coastlines from all sides the seafood are extensively found here and thus there are a number of people in Gujarat including seafood, chicken, and mutton in their diet.

1. Khichu

The Gujarati khichu are made up of rice flour and served best on the streets of Gujarat. This dish of the Gujarati cuisine can be eaten as a snack in times of extreme hunger or it can be used as a morning breakfast as well. From a small kid to an adult everyone likes khichu the most and it has an easy recipe to prepare.

2. Gujarati kadi

The kadi when added with some special spices of Gujarat it becomes Gujarati Kadi. It is almost made in every house in Gujarat. The main ingredients are buttermilk and gram flour without which a kadi couldn't be prepared. You must have eaten kadi at your house and sometimes hated I too but once you eat a Gujarati kadi you will start loving because of its exclusive and unusual flavors.


Gujarati Kadi- Source: Binjal’s veg Kitchen

3. Shaak

Shaak is another word for sabzi (vegetables) in the Gujaratis language. They use unmatched spices and jaggery in their shaaks which make them stand unique out of the other Indian vegetable recipes. The Shaak could be made of any vegetable and of different styles.

4. Mohanthaal

Mohanthaal is a burfi made up of gram flour and lots of dried dry fruits. Mohanthaal is made especially on different types of occasions and ceremonies and mostly served traditionally in weddings. If you taste it will taste like fudge and melts quickly in your mouth to give immense pleasure to your taste buds.

5. Ghari

Ghari or also known as surti ghari is a popular dish of Gujarat which got its origin from the city of Surat. For making ghari, puri batter, ghee, sugar, and mawa are mixed to make round shape balls which has a sweet substantial inside.


Ghari- Source: RasoiMenu

6. Sabudana khichdi

The sabudana khichdi is prepared from soaked sabudana. In Gujarat, most of the food stalls on the street have sabudana kichdi available at the time of breakfast and as a snack at the time of evening. This dish is liked by the people throughout the year and they enjoy eating it every time they have a plate in their hand.

7. Puron Poli

It is an Indian bread which is stuffed inside with the lentils filling and it is crispy on the outside and gives a sweet taste from inside. Once eaten this yummy dish couldn't be resisted by eating just a single piece and you quench for more. It is a dish full of calories but never mind enjoying Puron poli of Gujarat in your lifetime is worth.


Puran Poli- Source: Archana’s Kitchen

8. bhakri

bakhri is a type of bread which is round in shape and mostly used with different gravies or shaak in the Gujarati cuisine. It is different from the normal roti which we eat made up of wheat but in certain parts, the bhakri is the name given to the wheat roti only. In Gujarat, people like to eat bhakri mostly with the curd.

9. Khandvi

The Gujaratis simply love this snack and are made of gram flour. Khandvi has also found a great place in the Maharashtrian cuisine and it is liked by many people in Maharashtra as well. It tastes best with green chutney and the tempered curry leaves and mustard seeds.

10. Undhiyu

It is a Gujarati curry which is cooked with ingredients including all the healthy winter vegetables like brinjal, coconut, bananas, potatoes, ad methi. It tastes differently when served in an earthen pot.


Undiyu- Source: Wikipedia

If you have a Gujarati friend or a neighbor they can tell you more about the culture of Gujarat and its cuisine which is much royal and appreciated for a lifetime if just eaten or tasted once. Or if you ever have a visit to the cities of Gujarat do try the famous dishes of Gujarat to know its deliciousness.