How Can We Save Our Mother Earth

Akriti Saxena
Jun 05, 2019   •  232 views

Mother Earth

Ingredients of our life support system are air, water and food which we all get from our Mother Earth. We human beings do not care for these natural resources provided to us for free. We pollute them and misuse them for our own benefits. Since our childhood we have experienced immense change in the environment such a: intense heat waves, severe droughts in some areas, abrupt climate change, floods and destructive cyclones. Common man always thinks that it’s the responsibility of government or other environment related organization to take care of all these natural resources. On the contrary its everybody’s responsibility to do their bit for the planet EARTH. We can contribute in the following ways.

1. Do not waste water: Save it

• Fix your leaking taps immediately.
• Wipe your car/ floors rather than washing them.
• Use a smaller mug in your bathroom.
• Collect waste RO water for cleaning and washing.

2. Save electricity: Use LED’s; use energy saver products, make sure to switch off lights and fans when not in use(also at your work place)

3. Carry your own bag: before going for shopping don’t forget to carry your own shopping bag. Reuse your plastic bags if you have any. Ask your shopkeeper not to give you any plastic bag.

4. Plant trees: Planting tree will give you immense satisfaction and peace. Plant a tree on your birthday, don’t neglect it after planting, and make sure that it gets proper water, sunlight and manure to grow.



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