Bhandaras In The City Of Nawabs

Akriti Saxena
Jun 06, 2019   •  33 views

The city of Nawabsgears up for setting of bhandars in the holy month of Ramzan.This feast is for everyone irrespective of their caste, creed , religion and tradition. Aloo-poorie ,chole,boondi , laddoo with water are served during bhandaras all over the town. It starts around 11 in the morning and concludes at around 5 in the evening every Tuesday duringmid-Mayand mid-June every year.

The devotees of Lord Hanuman organize bhandaras all over the city irrespective of the harsh weather conditions giving ‘’ PRASAD” to the people who come in huge numbers. The organizers of the bhandars feel high levels of satisfaction as they spend hours in the extreme heat conditionserving the devotees.

This culture of organizing bhandaras initially started in Lucknow but has now spread to the nearby towns and cities such as Unnao, Kanpur, Barabanki to name a few. This shows that Lucknow , despite having a large number of Muslim population witnesses such communal harmony where in the day time bhandaras are organized and during the night hours people break theirfast.

The only loophole which need to be corrected is the untidiness caused during Bhandaras . Organizers of the bhandaras should look after the cleanliness of that area and should insure that proper levels of hygiene are maintained. The devotees should also insure that no food is being wastedas there are still a lot of people who sleep hungry. Cleanliness on the grounds of religion should not be compromised. A heavy fine should be lieaved on th organizers who do not maintain the cleanliness levels in the society. If you visit Lucknow in the month of May and June , do not forget to experience the delicious treat of the bhandaras organized all across the city like a big festival.

Bhandaras in Lucknow are a perfect example of the cultural diversity that is spread across India.