This year, motivate normal human beings to donate their organs and gift a life to someone.

Every year August 13 is celebrated as “Organ Donation Day ” in India. This day provides great opportunity to the people to come ahead and donate their precious organs.

Donating organ is a like gifting life to someone because one organ donor can save upto 8 lives and heal upto 50 lives by tissue donation.


Who can be a organ donor ?

Anyone can become a organ donor but should be an age of 18 or above .

How can you be a organ donor ?

According to the information released on the official website of AIIMS, there are two ways to donate organs:

1. By pledging for organ donation when a person is alive.

2. By consent of family after death.

A person can pledge for organ donation by filling up a donor form and the organ donor form could be obtained from ORBO (Organ Retrieval Banking Organization) either personally or through the mail.

Which organs can be donated ?

  1. Kidney

  2. Lungs

  3. Heart

  4. Eye

  5. Liver

  6. Pancreas

  7. Cornea

  8. Small Intestine

  9. Skin tissues

  10. Bone tissues

  11. Heart valves

  12. Veins


Millions of people have registered to become organ donors, but still people lost their lives with vital organ failure. About 90 per cent of patients in India dies while waiting for the organs due to the lack of donors.


Don't waste your organs by burying or burning, donate it, give a gift of life to someone.