Searching For A Better Half? Bad Idea.

Akassh Murali
Mar 28, 2019   •  6 views

Romantic movies all around the world have over-played the piece of “Finding a better half”.

A relationship is an amalgam of two individuals who are compatible with each other and enjoy the time that they spend with each other. They share experiences, happiness, sadness, grief and many other emotions with each other. This allows both the individuals in the relationship to be transparent and trust one another with all their thoughts and feeling. As long as they are able to communicate freely about their honest thoughts, the relationship will remain as fruitful and fulfilling as it was since the first time they met.

This typical relationship that I just mentioned involves two individuals. Two happy individuals. Even though they have their own problems to deal with, they were still happy and this is the mentality of most of the people in the world.

Look around you. Do you see happy or sad people around you at this very moment?

I’m very certain that you do see happy people.

So, this misconception of “Finding your better half” is a bit contradicting. People don’t fall in love with other people because they have a void in their life that they can fill. They fall in love with the other person’s character. They fall in love with the other person’s perspective in life. They fall in love for who they are and not for what they do.

Compatibility and understanding are the two integral pillars of any relationship. Love is what develops from these pillars of trust. Various factors can be blamed for this misconception towards love and relationship. The façade developed around the concept of love which has been propagated by romantic movies around the world has affected this way of thinking. Social media has also been a contributing factor to this phenomenon. This age of investing your heart in a click and completely falling in love with individuals that we barely know has caused this superficial love that usually ends in a divorce.

The increase in divorce of newly wed couples has seen a tremendously growth as this phenomenon seems to prevail in the minds of this generation of newly wed. I don’t mean that all the couples of this generation fall under this category. There are couples that we know who do live a happy and lovable life within all these distractions and circumstances. But the fraction of these couples fairly out-number the number of couples whose love does not work out because all that was running through their mind was that they found their “Better Half”.