It is the health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

-Mahatma Gandhi

‘Health is wealth’ although an old saying is taken most granted in today’s world. It is well said that our body is the most priceless possession which will be with us for our whole life & we can take the best care of it by “staying healthy and happy”. The modern era of technology, sleepless work targets, the polluted environment etc. are already making a person not only mentally unhealthy but is also having an adverse impact on their physical health, yet “Health”, the most fundamental state for the longevity of a person is ignored the most. It has been well stated that a healthy body and a healthy mind leads us to a much happier life thus enhancing our life expectancy capacity. According to CIA World Factbook, 2016 the countries like Monaco, Japan, Singapore etc. having the highest life expectancy capacity follows some life strengthening habits such as “a healthy diet & an active lifestyle”.

For a healthy living, it is very important that the person should follow some daily regimes like getting proper sleep, eating nutritious foods, thinking positvely & exercising at regular intervals. In today’s world, due to long working hours etc. most of the people are suffering partial or total sleep deprivation leading to obesity, diabetes or depression. Similarly, the introduction of fast foods in modern era to provide fast & quick solution at the place of nutritious foods is impacting the health of the people in most dangerous way. According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010, following an unhealthy diet increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer etc. Likewise, insecurities, competitiveness etc. adversely affects the thinking of the people thus causing depression. According to the World Happiness Index 2017, Norway is the most content places on the Earth & the reason is creating positive social spaces like community services, having unemployment insurance, taking initiatives to make their citizens happier etc. Similarly, the advent of modern technology & incorporation of sitting work culture is making people lazier & physically inactive. Thus, it is very important that a person should inculcate all healthy regimes in his life so as to make his life more refreshingly charged.

It has been rightly quoted by Anne Schaef that “Good Health is not something we can buy”. In today’s world most of the people are busy in making money & are under a false conception that money can give them long life. They tend to forget the most basic thing that you can make money until you are fit & healthy, but after your health is gone & you are carrying a lot of disease in your body money can’t bring your health back. Thus, health is the real gem of our body & not money.

Thus, it is very important to have a healthy lifestyle as studies show that lifestyle has a significant influence on the physical & mental health of human being. Nowadays, most of the people are following unhealthy lifestyle like eating junk foods, smoking, alcohol consumption etc. as it is their way of showing to the people around them of how cool & wealthy they are. Thus, it is high time that people start concentrating on their health more by following a healthy lifestyle as “staying healthy isn’t a goal, it is a way of living”. Health is the most precious gift that the God has given to us and it is our responsibility to take care of it with due care and love.