Bollywood as great as it is, does produce some real bad movies with horrendous story lines and that cannot be denied. However, some of them do have an excellent soundtrack even though the movie failed to please the mind that craves quality acts. Here's 6 bollywood movies that weren't too appealing but the songs they introduced us to, stuck on;

1- Mirzya
The album is quite a fascinating one with some of the finest piece of work. The movie was based on the iconic and tragic Punjabi folklore Mirza Sahibaan. The entire album is sprinkled with Punjabi couplets sung by Daler Mehendi in high pitch. All of them, intelligently written by Gulzar. Shankar Ehsaan Loy, the famous music trio have done a great job in adding to its musical brilliance as well.

2- Raanjhana
The bollywood debut of actor Dhanush came with a disappointing story but a good soundtrack. All the songs are written by Irshad Kamil and has A.R. Rahman working on the music. My favourite is Nazar Laaye out of the lot, I could never get fed up of that one.

3- Veer
I can't explain what that movie was but it sure did produce some good numbers. I personally love Surli Ankhiyo Wali and Salaam Aaya.

4- Cocktail
The movie had a lot of problematic things happening in there but the music was on point. From Tum hi ho bandhu till Yaariyaan, all of the songs have their own little charm and mood. It is a perfect mix of a good day and a rainy day.

5- Fitoor
It was a disappointing adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel " Great Expectations" but the soundtrack could make up for the disaster. The songs, composed by Amit Trivedi, brings in warmth and a sense of familiarity through an emotional touch. The movie does no justice to this album as the visuals that could be presented have so much potential. So the best way to enjoy this one is to close your eyes and enjoy the music, visualise your feelings.

6- Delhi 6
A.R. Rahman never fails to bring in a good composition and this album happens to be just that. This album explores the soulfulness of classical music, spirituality and Qawwali, which gives it a beautiful touch. (Word of advice: Skip the song Hey Kaala Bandar in the album as it spoils the mood the album sets)



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