• It is definitely normal if you hear the statement that "woman should stay in the kitchen". Of course, it is natural that woman should stay in the kitchen, but that doesn't make the place their home. This is one of the major aspects that most people don't really understand which is affecting some marriage which is making negative impacts either directly or indirectly in the society. Naturally, it is one of their major duties to stay in the kitchen in order to cook for the family and always clean the kitchen for a healthy environment. There is a lot attached to the staying of a woman in the kitchen. Many believed women staying in the kitchen simply means staying at home always without working at all. Fine, it is absolutely a good idea if you as a husband want your wife to always stay in the kitchen without not working at all, but the question is that won't you use that as an advantage on her?

Is It A Good Idea For A WomanTo Stay In The Kitchen Without Working?

  • It is indeed a good idea for a woman to stay in the kitchen without working due to some benefits, but you as a husband, won't you use that as an advantage on her? Muslims, as an example though not all will ever allow their wives to move out from their roof but will always want them to stay at home according to their belief, but they will be the one that will cater to everything needed by their wives, and must not use that as an advantage on their wives which is stated in their holy book. Nowadays, people believed women were staying in the kitchen without working can reduce the level of fornication. It is a great point but not actually the solution with respect to my own little knowledge and understanding about life. As per ladies is concerned, they may see fornication as an act of enjoyment because they are not yet married, but when it comes to women aspect (married ones), there is always some process that leads to fornication. Imagine a woman that always stay in the kitchen and not working, her husband can decide to be cheating on her simply because he is the one that catering for all her needs which absolutely his duty even if his woman is a billionaire. Many husbands can see this as an advantage and start maltreating their wives which will definitely make negative impacts on their children. If a husband decides to maltreat his wife due to the fact that she is jobless, definitely, misunderstanding will occur which can lead to the divorce of the couple. When this happened, a man can decide not to cater for his children anymore and go for another woman, imagine a woman that is jobless, how do you expect her to take care of her children? and when there is no way, children can involve in bad acts which will definitely make a negative impact on society. All these are one of the major routes that are making a negative impact on society in which people are not really considered. A married woman can't just sit down and think that fornication is a good idea, there would have been some processes that lead to that. When a husband doesn't have time for his wife, doesn't cater to her needs, such a woman can decide to involve in the act in order to survive, though, it is not actually the solution because there is a lot of work out there you can do in order to survive, but notwithstanding these are the factors that normally make them evolve in the act.

Women Also Have Dreams, Kitchen Is Not Their Home

  • There are a lot of talented women out there with different great innovations that can their environment positively and indeed the whole world at large. Every single being is endowed with a particular talent, if only we can work on our tangibility, the world would have been far better than this. Women are the pillars of a building, there are the most loyal and honest one and always want their vision to be accomplished. So if a person says kitchen is their home, i absolutely disagree with such a person. I so much believe, and respect them a lot because they are original and always sacrifice a lot in order to make their dreams come through.

Why Women Should Stay In The Kitchen

There a lot of benefits when a woman decides stays in the kitchen. I will like to discuss the most important ones;

1) To Be Able To Take Care And Monitor Their Children: It is so unfortunate that the environment we found ourselves this day, no just encouraging at all and even directly or indirectly making na negative impact on us. The reason why most children are involved in bad acts is simply that they have no one to monitor and guide them to the right part. Imagine parents living home by 7 o'clock a.m in the morning and coming back home by 8 o'clock p.m in the evening every blessed day, who will monitor the children? It will be easier for any child to make bad ones as friends if he or she is not well guided and monitored. But if a woman is always at home, she will be able to guide and monitor the day-to-day activities of the children which will be of great benefit to the family and the society at large.

2) To Reduce The Cost Of Living Of The Family: Food is one of the major factors that normally divide the income of the family. When both the father and mother normally go for work so early in the morning and come back at late hour in the evening, there will be no one to cook for the family, and even they may be the type of the family that will never allow housemaid in their home, so with this, they will always to have to buy foods outside which will definitely be higher cost compared to cooking in their house and also there are even some disadvantages attached to buying of food outside because you won't know the kind of environment they prepared the food, kind of water they used to prepare the food and other sought of things like that which can be dangerous to the health of the family.

  • In conclusion, i believe women staying in the kitchen is a good idea, if only men can cater to all their needs and don't use that as an advantage.



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