Lord Brahma is the deity that represents the universes creative force. He is the part of the trity, the great Hindu Trinity along side Shiva and Vishnu. The God stands for balance while shive and Vishnu stands for two opposing forces, destruction and maintenance. Brahma is the master of time and 1 day of Brahma is equivalent to 4320 million years for mortal being.

In the Dawn of time, be created Saraswati the beautiful goddess of superior knowledge who would become his consort and take part in the creation of universe. Therefore every human being derives from Brahma. Brahma has four heads each reciting the each of the four Vedas and each looking in the different direction. He had a fifth head initially which Shiva ripped off after that head dared insulted the God of destruction. Brahma has four arms as well. He hold rosary in one of them symbolizing the cycles of time to which the universal obeys. A book that symbolizes knowledge is held in another. He holds the pot with holy water symbolizing the cosmic energy. He also hold a lotus in the remaining hand which symbolizes the nature and essence of life.

The God crossed the universe riding a divine swan. The animal is capable of distinguishing pure milk from milk mixed with water. This means the ability to distinguish between good and evil. Although the prominent deity in Hinduism, Brahma only has a large temple in his honor unlike Vishnu and Shiva who have temples spread all over India. It is located in Pushkar where Brahma defeated a demon with a lotus flower. The flower petals fell in that location and turned the region into a sacred place.

On the kartika poornima festival, those who bathe themselves on the sacred lake will be freed from their sons. Brahma was expected to conduct a sacrificial rites in Pushkar with his wife Saraswati. But as Saraswati was late for the arrival, the God married the beautiful Gayatri and started the ritual with a new wife.

When Saraswati encountered Brahma with his new wife she ragingly cursed that the God Brahma will be bounded to be worshipped in Pushkar only and that is why there are no other great temples in honor to Brahma.

The God of creation is honored by those who make use of knowledge in their professions such as teachers, students and scientists. And with the help of Brahma they walk on the road of true knowledge.