5 Places To Visit In Odisha During Your Summer Vacation.

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What does a nature lover want? Bliss, inner peace or an urge to dive into the beauty of nature. In a vast country such as India, Odisha is such an example of the state which serves a nature lover and also with vast diversity in food, perfect blend of culture and laden with astounding architecture, Odisha has it all to satisfy a visitor.

In this article I have shortlisted some of the best places that will overwhelm your soul and your mind. And I assure you that once you visit Odisha you are definitely going to fall in love with this state. Now I won`t take your much time and let`s just swoop into the article.


From the title of first place you must be wondering that why am I mentioning this place as KASHMIR OF ODISHA, well as I will proceed with this article you will realise that why everyone says this. The name of the place is Daringbadi. Daringbadi is set amidst coffee plantations, echoing valleys, pine forests and amazing pastures, this place is a complete summer retreat for travellers. It is situated in the Kandhamal district and is surrounded by dense forests of Odisha. Over a few decades, it has become one of the most searched destinations to relax to, especially during summers. If one wants to enjoy the beauty of this place to the fullest then you have to do some hard work and climb to the top of this place. The best places to visit here are as follows:

·Madubanda and Badangia waterfalls.
·Hill View Park
·Doluri River
·Butterfly Garden
·Belghar Sanctuary
·Kothgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
·Rushikulya River
Daringbadi is a perfect spot for trekking and camping lovers too. As it is famously known as the KASHMIR OF ODISHA, the febricity and weather pattern are suitable throughout the year. In a nutshell it is a year-round destination. As now it has gained much popularity as a tourist place, most of the people visit during summer season. You can never find a perfect holiday destination amidst forests, rivers, waterfalls, coffee plantations and valleys, anywhere else in India.


Set amidst rolling green hills, green forest and clouds playing hide and seek with the hills, TAPTAPANI is another most of the beautiful tourist attraction. It is situated in the Ganjam district of Odisha, just 50 kilometers from Berhampur. As from the title you must have got an idea that there is a hot spring which is completely nature and consists of Sulphur. The water of this springs is known to have medicinal values and has the capability to cure aches, pains, and skin disease such as eczema and scabies. The best places to visit in Taptapani are suggested as under:

·Deer Park which is maintained by Forest Department
·Sri Nilakantheswar Temple
·Kandimata Temple
·There are many small waterfalls, anonymous brooks, lakes and tribal villages.
·There is a Tibetan settlement and a monastery.
Though, most of the visitors come to this place to take a dive into the Sulphur rich hot springs which revives them and provides them with calmness of mind. You can also go for a walk along the forest paths or just relax in your hotel deck and enjoy the views of the far-flung hills and greenery. You can reach Taptapani from Kolkata, you can take a train from there to Berhampur which is the nearest railway station to Taptapani. After reaching Berhampur you can take the taxis or else the option of buses is also available every time.


The third place that I am talking about is MAHENDRAGIRI, it is the 2nd highest peak of Odisha. It is surrounded by the Eastern Ghats and the loftiness of this peak is 4,925 ft. It is famously known as heaven of Odisha. In Odia the mountains are known as “GIRI”. So now you know that what the word giri implies here. Mahendragiri`s exactly located in the Paralakhemundi which a sub division of Gajapati district, 51km. to the south west of Berhampur. Apart from its scenic beauty Mahendragiri also has its religious significance. It is believed that a long-time back Lord Parshuram used to stay here and meditate Lord Shiva and after that only he was blessed with the Parshu. One more belief is also that the five Pandavas with their mother Kunti used to stay here during their exile. Some of the places to visit in Mahendragiri are as under:

·Sunnamuddi River
·Mahendra Tanaya River
·Shindling stream
·The Kunti Temple
·The Gokarneswar Linga
·The Yudhisthira Temple
·The Bhima Temple
An unusual fact about Gokarneswar Linga is that no matter whatever the amount of water you pour it will disappear. The blue sea at a distance and the peak with its grand beauty will make you as if you are in a fairy tale. One sad news is that there are no hotel or lodge facilities available there, but if one has urge to stay there then there are ashrams near Kunti temple. Trekking and camping lovers should add this place in their bucket list. The major festival of Mahendragiri is Maha Shiva Ratri and during this festival thousands of devotees come here and hike to the peak to worship Lord Shiva. One can reach here through Bhubaneswar via Paralakhemundi through road.


If anyone has heard about the char-dham yatra, Puri is one of them. Puri is a city of beach with the most famous attraction for the tourist is the Jagannath Temple. It is well known as the resting place of the Lord Shiva. Puri is situated alongside the coast of Bay of Bengal. Without the visit of Puri any pilgrimage tour won`t be completed. The city is visited by crowd of nature lovers, adventurers, newly married couples, travellers. Puri is gifted with ancient temples, mesmerizing beach, famous holy places. Puri has all facilities, it is well equipped with luxury hotels, resorts and relaxing spas. Puri has all to satisfy a visitor. Some of the best religious destinations to visit are as follows:

·Shree Jagannath Temple
·Ganesh Temple
·Markandeswar Temple
·Narendra Tank
·The Puri Beach
·Swargadwar Beach
The best time to visit is during summer season. The crowd of the tourists mainly visit between the months of April-June as in the summer season one can enjoy the beauty of the place completely and you don`t need to worry at all about the climate of the Puri you will feel the cool breeze at every time during day and also at night. If you visit any place during the season of rain you won`t be able to enjoy the beauty of the place at all and if you plan to travel during winter you won`t be able to enjoy the waves of sea beach. You can reach here from Bhubaneswar via road or train.


Bhubaneswar is known as the city of temples. It is the capital city of Odisha. Bhubaneswar is the largest city of Odisha with an area of 419sq.km which is located on the south western bank of Mahanadi River. It is known for its numerous numbers of temples. The city of temples has a rich history. This place is a complete fusion of both modern places and ancient places. Here, you can find the best temples during the daytime with rich architecture and heritage to visit and during night you can enjoy a complete modern life, you can find malls, clubs, parks and many more places to visit and enjoy. Some of the best places to visit here are as under:

·Lingaraja Temple
·Udaygiri Hill
·Khandagiri Hill
·Dhauli Giri
·Nandankan Zoological Park
In Bhubaneswar, you can find a zoological park to visit, in which there are in total 151 animals, out of which 49 species are mammals, 75 are birds, 36 species are fish and 27 are reptiles. Some of the well-known species are crocodiles, panthers, blackbucks, hill mynas, civets, storks and many more. Among all of the temples, The Parshurameshwara and Rajarani Temple are two most well known and mostly visited temples. You can reach here through roadways, by rail or by air. Any mode which is preferable to you.




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