Things We Miss From Our Childhood

Zoha K
May 25, 2019   •  38 views

1. Cola rola

How we used to sneak whole cola in our pocket and can drink anytime without even spilling it. I used to put this in water not exactlly used to taste like cola but used to taste like one .That pepsi smell we still miss those things from our childhood.

2. Bytes

This was best snack invented with right amount everything in it. Why did you took this away from us. It was like a mini creation of chocolate heaven. Really miss this one! Those amazingly little weird shape snacks that we used to crave for weres so irresistibel in those days . I stilm wonder why they stopped making these.

3. Marbles

Best candy ever. Even though the spelling was wrong and we never noticed. The colours on our tounge were the best part of these candies.

4. Boomer

This was the only chewing gum name we remembered . Blue guy and the advertisement. Buff body guy we have ever seen was this dude first in our childhood.

5. Power Rangers

Best action series ever. Obsession began from this thing. Every girls fantasy was to become pink ranger i still never understood what was wrong with that yellow girl ranger . And every boy wanted to be Red ranger.

6. Kinder chocolate

We all used to buy this for the sake of those toys in it. To be honest nobody used to eat that whole thing just a bite and rest was toy.

7. Chattar mattar

The best! Miss this one.

8. Yo yo

We used to feel cool while playing with this even though it got little boring after that. But was good.

9. Mango bite

Another hero of our generation. Sweetest mango we ever had.

10. Cadbury chocki

This chocolate liquid thing how could you take this thing away from us.

11. Calcium sandoz

Whether we lack in calcium or not every individual had this thing. This was technically a medicine but we ate more than the daily requirement. That puppy bottle seems to enlighten everyones mind just by seeying it.

12. Phantom sweet cigarettes

This is how we used to have swag during those days and lets just admit everyone has smoked this thing. What a smokey day they were.

13. Beyblade

This was played by everyone it was like a trend than. Boy or girl everyone had played this. We also used to have beyblade competitions in our childhood.

14. Bouncy balls

This little Solar system planets once bounced and gone forever. Whenever my mom used to sweep the floor i used to find these balls from the corner of every furniture side.