We all over think 24/7 hours which makes us stressy , think and think anew. Fun fact, even if we stay calm our brain just cant stop thinking it keeps on processing on those thoughts which are only dillusional and sometimes we even dream about that and if that thing happens in real life which occurs rarely thats what we called Deja Vu. Every single individual overthinks on one or the another situation in every seconds. We usually overthink on those things which are important to us.

Have you ever thought if someone says dont overthink too much than what we will think and still the thinking process is going on... On how to stop overthinking even that itself is overthinking. So for a reason you just cant stop thinking . As you grow your mind starts to widen and think of something you can also say day dreaming first you will think positive which will be a normal thinking and its fine than you think of its side effects than all the negative thoughts appear than thats what is overthinking and also overthinking on those which have not occured yet! Well thats a lot of overthinking. When you keep on thinking while you sleep the mind tends to be awake while you are sleeping and thats why you wake up tired.

Causes of overthinking can be:

Second guess everything.

Analyze things to death.

Regret everything.

Hate making decisions.

Feel tense.

Feel like you cant turn your brain off.

Remedies for overthinking:

Go for a walk.

Engage in your hobbies.

Be positive and have a mindset that you cant control anything.

Dont think everything once you had done.

Control your brain and focus on your breathing.

Listen to music.

Thinking is good but if you are thinking way too much and it steers to negative thoughts than it is overthinking which needs to stop immediately or else something might cause.

Positive thoughts vs Negative thoughts.

I think most of us agree that negative thoughts are related to:

  • Worrying

  • Complaining

  • Anger

  • Feeling sorry for yourself

  • Blaming others

Similarly, we can agree that the following thoughts are considered positive:

  • Trying to solve problems

  • Studying

  • Understanding knowledge

  • Planning

  • Visualization

  • Setting goals.

Whats the most self help advice says is scrap the negative thoughts and double down on the positive thoughts. When you think about it casually, it sounds like good advice. After all , negative thoughts make our lives worse. And positive thoughts should make our lives better, right? You are not your thoughts.



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