Stop overthinking!!

Overthinking is the main cause of stress. In today's world, either if we talk about young generation or the old one, everyone is suffering with this problem. Yes, PROBLEM. Many of us don't realise it but that's reality, it is a PROBLEM. Thinking is a good thing but overthinking can ruin you badly. Overthinking, eventually leads you to think more about negative consequences of a situation, which leads to stress and will make your decisions cloudy. You ain't able to take desicions and always remain confused and full of stress. This not only affects you but also effects your social life as you always remain sad and people will try to avoid your company. As you already know, in today's time everyone is searching for happiness and try to stay away from negativity. Even we also try to do the same but can't help it out due to overthinking.

So, this is all about how overthinkers actually feel and what this will lead to. Like someone great had told ,' Every problem has a solution'. This PROBLEM also have a solution. Now, you may be thinking how i know about this? Answer is I'm also an overthinker.

To overcome this problem first of all, accept that you overthink as if you really do . Because many people don't want to accept the fact ,they take it as a taboo. It's nothing like that . If you will accept yourself only then you will overcome this.

Second, try to calm down yourself by doing meditation, try to write up a diary or share with your friends whom you trust that he/she will understand you.It will take time but not impossible to do so.

Third, whenever you find yourself stressed out just take a deep breath and close your eyes for a second and drink a cold water. It will calm you down.

And the most important thing is if you will not decide by yourself to stop overthink, nothing will work. First, decide by yourself and then see the change.

I hope this will help you out.