Countries That You Must Add On Your Visit List

Zoha K
Jun 12, 2019   •  9 views

1. Norway

It is best known for its fjords, mountains and midnight sun but it is well known for vibrant cultural life. It is also considered as least crime country.

The weather and its scenic beauty is ethreal.

2. Sweden

Its is actually a very expensive country in the world to live but its natural and floral beauty makes it worth living. Even the job facility is good. Its overall facilities make people visit here.

3. Iceland

As the name suggests its cool and breezy atmosphere just make the whole environment peaceful. Although the countries population is not that high thats why this place is in demand for tourist attraction.

4. Amsterdam, Denmark

Its seems to be very famous for its freindly vibes . Its all time winter here . There are many tourist spots such as Thy National Park, Buried skagen etc and also the food.

5. New Zealand

Here health care is free or less costly in most of the hospitals. It has freedom for every religion type people. Rules and rights are equal for every individual whether the person has New Zealand's nationality or not. Safest and happiest place to live and visit. Its Chilly climate is just peaceful.

6. UAE

The country needs no introduction as we all know its speciality . Lately it has been claimed that one of its city named Dubai is the safest city for women to live. Its cultural vibe make every individual to discover more. Apparently the country is very famous for its strict rules which makes the country acheive the title as least crime country in the world.

And its all time Sunny climate makes people go visit the desert ,sunset and beach. Its also famous for its Pista mithai and hummus.

7. Japan

Tokyo, Kyoto and Kanagawa are best cities of Japan. Place you can visit are Kinkakuji Temple which is the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. Stunning views of Mount Fuji.

The five Storied Pagado, Gojunoto on Miyajima Island, Hiroshima. Singapore is the safest cities in Japan. Japan is consider as a safest country but generally every country has its own problem . However it is safe for tourist.

8. France

The best place to visit in France is the countryside of Provence, the cote d'Azur, Mont saint Michel in Normandy etc. Inspite of the alarmist warning of Paris there can only be one answer to the question "Is it safe to visit France" and the answer is YES its resounding and Paris is one of the safer world cities. As we all its speciality for cheese on every food. Aint no one can beat the cheese of France.