1. Your birth order says alot about your personality:
First borns are perfectionist, acheiver, leader, bossy, responsible, motivated, controlling, reliable.

Middle borns are adaptable, independent, go between, people pleaser, can be rebellious, can feel left out, peacemaker, social.

Last borns are social, charming, outgoing, uncomplicated, fun, manipulative, seeks attention, self centered.

Only child are confident, responsible, center of attention, mature for their age, seek approval, sensitive, leader.

2. To plant a seed of an idea in someone's mind ask them to not think about that particular thing at all, and what do you think?

3. We are more likely to tease and mimic that person whom we are more attracted to.

4. Clocks will never be in our dreams.

5. Tomato is a fruit.

6. The strangers in your dream are those people whom you have actually seen in real life.

7. The crusty stuff you get in the corner of your eyes is a remnant of your dreams.
The colour tell about how your dreams were.
Yellow means you dreamt about love.
Brown means you dreamt about death.
Green means you dreamt about wealth.
Colourless means you dreamt about fame.
Black means you dreamt about nothing.

8. Chocolates can kill dogs ,it directly affects their heart and nervous system.

9. When it rains look for rainbows, when its dark look for stars.

10. Humming bird is the only bird in the world who can fly backwards.

11. The right ear is better at hearing speech and left for listening music.

12. If you are still tired of goodnight sleep you are probably dehydrated, drink water after you wake up.

13. According to men wedge shoes are the least attractive footwear style women could wear.

14. Smoking can cause your nipples to fall off.

15. People find you 20% more attractive then what you think you look like.

16. It is considered rude to write in red inked pen in Portugal.

17. Jellyfish or jellies as scientists call them are no fish as they have no brain no heart and no bones.

18. Some people used to believe that kissing a donkey would relieve a tooth ache.

19. A sea horse can move its eyes in opposite directions both to see predators and food in water.

20. A group of Jellyfish is called a Smack

21. Less than one percent of Antartica is free of ice

22. You lose about fifty to hundred hairs a day.

23. All apes laugh when they are tickled.

24. Your hair contains traces of gold.

25. The tv remote is the dirtiest item in the house , hotels and hospitals.