When you look within you, you

will find that spark waiting to be

fanned. Fanned by determination

and self-confidence. All you have

to do is to consider yourself worthy

of great things, and believe how

miraculously you can conquer the


You have to give up the wait for

validation and start praising the

person you are, without anyone’s

opinion. You have to turn deaf

to their voices and blind to their

actions. Once you start ignoring

them and the way they try to bring

you down, you will rise. Know that

when people see the greatness in

you, they discourage you by saying

that you are made of stardust and

remnants. Realize that there is no

stardust and remnants; there are

only galaxies. Galaxies that you own

and galaxies that are meant to shine


Don’t wait for a saviour or an

igniter. Be your own saviour, be

your own igniter. Become oblivious

to your doubts and known to your

greatness. Know there is no obstacle

bigger than your obsession. Become

obsessed by your dreams of success.

Let no one ever set limits for you.

There are no limits until we confine


Know what a masterpiece you are,

and don’t settle for anything less

than what you can do for yourself.

Stop waiting for anyone to come and

lift you. Lift your own self. Loving

yourself before everyone and more

than everyone is not being selfish.

It’s being fair. Fair with the self who

has been there with you since your

birth and to the self who will be with

you till eternity.Outgrow people, not to prove

them inferior but because you need

to. Never regret your dreams. They

are the most beautiful things you

will ever have. Have big dreams

and think about them

daily and one day

those dreams will

become reality. Shut

all the people out who

discourage you or say

dreams don’t come true.

Think of the time when you

dreamed of the things you have

now. All it takes is dreaming and the

grind to reach where you want to be.

No dreams are small or big.

Know that you are destined to do

great things. Know that you are not

made of stardust and remnants.

Know that you are a ruler over

yourself and you’re not captive of

others’ opinions. Know that you

have the flame, you need fanning.

Know that you’re complete. Know

that you’re the ruler of the cosmos.

Know your greatness. Know your

worth. Know that you can achieve it.