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You are not obliged to be the same person you were five years, five months, five days or even five minutes ago. You have the right to evolve every second. In fact, life is all about constantly changing and becoming a better, newer version of yourself.

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Sometimes in life we are confronted with situations that demand a different version of yourself, that is when you need to reinvent yourself. We need to transform ourselves into a newer person who is courageous and strong enough to take up the new challenges life throws at him.

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What is Reinventing?

Reinvention is the art and ability to rebuild oneself all over again, based on the kind of person one was previously.

Reinvention does not come easy but it is so worth the pain. It requires a lot of strength and will power to leave behind your previous self and build a whole new YOU.

Before you start your journey you must know the reason for your overhaul because without a purpose you cannot go a long way on a tough path.

Reinvention is not an overnight process but a gradual phenomenon involving myriad sleepless nights and tiring days. It is going to take a lot of you and you should be willing to offer in order to succeed.

Seven tools to become a better and wiser person

1) Acceptance: People spend their entire lives oblivious to their real selves. Many of us live in a bubble and never confront or take responsibility for our mistakes and thus we lose our power to change. So, acceptance becomes the first step towards self-transformation. The moment we accept our mistakes and acknowledge the fact that we alone are responsible for them our conscience forces us to change the habits that led us to failures in the past.

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2) A new and better self-image: Before you act, you need a plan. Similarly, before you start working on yourself, you must know the destination. You should be well acquainted with the qualities you are willing to instil in yourself, that will ultimately lead you to your ideal self.

Remember that in order to rebuild you need to drag yourself out of your comfort zone, give up on your old habits, ditch your previous mindset. Once you start to walk on this path you will realise it is Pandora's box. The turmoil will be too much to bear but your new self-image will always motivate you and pull you forward.

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3) Faith: The biggest secret of the fulfilment of dreams is the unwavering faith in them.

Once you know who you want these to have faith in your abilities to transform into that person. Faith is the greatest power in the world. Our mind produces what we feed it. So, feed it with confidence that you will make it to the other side and trust me you will emerge out triumphantly.

4) Take risks: You will not learn if you never try and fail. You will know what is best for you only when you experiment with different things. So, don't be afraid of trying things out. Taking risks will help you figure out what is meant for you. Even if you fail you will have experiences that make you better and wiser.

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5) Solitude: Solitude gives you an opportunity for self-reflection. When you spend time alone, you scrutinize your past actions and their outcomes. You become clear with what kind of mistakes not to repeat.

Solitude gives you a sense of self. You may have lost your voice in the crowd or feel worthless but when you are alone you pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs and feel worthy.

Solitude just revitalizes your mind.

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6) Learn: Connect with people who have the same aspirations that you have. Together you can learn different ways to reach there.

Talk to people who have reached where you want to reach. Know about the people who have been knocked down by life but still bounced back. They have experience which makes them wiser. Learn from their mistakes and the path they followed. They know what you need to learn.

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7) Be brave: Finally, be brave during all of this. Reinvention will consume every bit of strength out of you. Don't lose hope and courage. You will reach there. The process will drain you out, don't get scared by the obstacles. Just relax for a while then resume your journey.

After all of this, you will become what you wanted to be. You will be proud of your strength and determination. You will be proud of who you become.

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