15th March, World sleep dayorganizedby the WorldAssociation of Sleep Medicine (WASM). Todaywecelebratesleep & discuss issues related to sleep including medical problems &social aspects.

Let's discuss some common sleep disorders:
1. Sleep Apnea
The person suffers from obstruction inair flowduring their sleep. Tongue & the surrounding soft tissue relax because of gravity they fall back & causes blockage when the person inhales.

a. Gasping for air at night
c. Difficulty paying attention whileawake
d. Headache after waking up
2. Narcolepsy

You don't have a regulated sleep-wake cycledue to this neurological disorder. People tend to have a suddenattack of sleep during day time & even drowsiness.

a. Excessive daytime sleepiness
b. Cataplexy - sudden loss in muscle tone
c. Sleep Paralysis
d. Hallucinations
3. Exploding Head Syndrome

One of the most sensitivesyndromesEHS is very frustrating and annoying. It causes you to hear loud noise while waking up & sleeping. The time period where you are falling asleep or in a subconscious state between sleeping & being awake, a loud noise of any kind (varies from person to person).

b. Nightmares
c. Parasomnia
d. Flashing lights
4. Restless Legs Syndrome
Sensation in one's legs making it move uncontrollably. RLS usually happens when you lie down in the evening or night, i.e. regular time to take a make (differs from person to person according to their sleep cycle). It can start at any age & the condition gets severe as you grow old & grey. The feeling to move your leg without any reason when you move your leg thewiredsensation is eased away.

a. You feel sensation whenever your legs are at rest
b. Movement eases it
c. Symptoms worsen in evening
d. Leg twitching
5. Somniloquy
When you mumble in your sleep, it's the most commonly found sleep disorder also known as sleep taking. Sleep talking can sometimes either me complex monologues or something that you have heard before or sometimes it can be a simple mumble where not a single word you say makes slightest of sense. It can bedue to alcohol, drugs & also because of complex feelings of anxiety, depression & pain. This can also be hereditary, Anastasia, sometimes fatigue & stress.

Sleep talking can occur at any stay of sleep & is completely harmless, mostly children are prone to this type of disorders.

a. Walking/ talking while as sleep
6. Dream Anxiety Disorders

Dream anxiety disorder, more commonly known as nightmares disorders. Everyone knows what nightmares are, a bad dream where our worst fears come to life in front of our eyes. The person suffering from this disorder always finds themselves in a life-threateningsituation in their own dreams causing insomnia & disturbed sleep patterns.

a. Dreamscausedistress
b. You wake up allsweaty
c. Your dreams are vivid andlooklifelike
d. Occurs frequently (sometimes a single dream mayreoccur).
These are some of the sleeping disorder, if you experience any of these it's necessary for you to pay a visit to your doc & find a solution as soon as possible.