If time travel is possible where are the tourists from the future?

Time travel is the strategy of going back in time to the past or forward to the future to correct the mistakes you have done in your life or to know the future beforehand. Time travel has always fascinated humans. People have often wanted to go back in time because of regrets or mistakes. But I was getting attracted to the concept of time travel to visualize the scenes of the story narrated by my father ‘’How I Met Your Mother’’.

The only way you can go back in time is the time travel itself. If time travel is possible, then will it be helpful for human begins to go back to the past.

For many years time travel was the idea of fiction and science theory. This was all the part of the world’s imagination until recently. Scientists now believe that the current laws of physics allow us to travel through time. But there is no time travel without paradox.

What Is A Paradox

A paradox is a proposition that leads to a conclusion that seems somewhat senseless or logically unacceptable. To make you all understand this in a better way I will use a personal theory of mine. When I really wanted to go back in time and see how my father met my mother it would be ridiculous because I won’t exist before even they met each other. So this is highly impossible.

And if at all I had to use a time machine to go back in time and change something in the past which would still remain worthless. I will explain it using an example.

Since the rank I got in my Eamcet examination was not up to the mark, I landed up in some college but I wanted an even better one. I wanted to correct it using the concept of time travel. Now there are two possibilities here.

1. I went back to past using a time machine or some kind of magic and I started working even harder, studied day and night and got a good number in the examination and got into my dream college. Now, here I would meet a new set of friends and faculty. But, what would happen to my old peers and lecturers I met before time travel!!

So, time travel can’t be worth it because if you change something in the past, it will affect a lot in your future. The people you know in the past may not be the same people in the future as you have changed something in the past. Different theories are stating that there may be the parallel universe and other versions of us.

2. If I want to time travel and change something in the past, I will not be able to do that, because you will not remember what had happened in your future and probably I would study the same way and would land up in the same college again.

Life isn’t 24 movie starring our favorite hero Surya where we can go back and change our past like him. Though time travel is possible there would be a paradox that would make it impossible.

Probably God is more powerful than humans and so we cannot change what is written in our fate. Come out of fantasies and start living in the practical world.