Speak when you are angry- and trust me you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.

Words hurt more than actions. Anger is an outward expression of hurt or frustration. The reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself. So, one should have control over their emotions especially we teenagers.

Generally, we don’t know things before something goes wrong. The following incident was like a lesson that made me understand that one shouldn’t react immediately but think before.

Like every teenager even I was eager to spend time refreshing myself after the hectic days of the exams. I and my best friend decided to go out for a movie which was our favorite – Roy starring Ranbir Kapoor. Everything was as per our plan and the job f buying tickets was taken up by my friend and the job of arranging food was mine.

Sunday arrived - the day of our hangout. We set out on our scooty enjoying the weather. After reaching the theatre, the actual scene took place – tickets went missing. What the hell? And as fate would have it, buying tickets was not possible because it was high time. Now that was the end of my patience. In a fit of anger and disappointment, I shouted at my friend. Blaming her for her negligence even though that was not necessary.

She silently left without uttering a word. I started my way back. At the traffic signal, a little girl who was selling flowers came up to me and urged me to buy the flowers but I refused her angrily as I was really upset over what had happened. My anger went unnoticed by her. Again in a sweet voice, she requested me to buy the flowers somehow, her comforting words and her soothing voice had a positive effect on me, when I saw the little girl’s sweet response in a flashback I realized how badly I reacted to the situation instead of responding to it in a matured way. Realizing this I took the bunch of flowers which I bought and went back to my friend and gave it to her and apologized.

She forgave me. Then we both decided to go to a shopping mall and then we happily set on our way. That single moment of misunderstanding could have been poisonous which could potentially put an end to our friendship. I have realized and strongly believe that reacting is instinctual while responding is a conscious choice.

I’ve made my choice, I’ll think before I react and what about you…?



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