Here’S Why You Have Been Drinking Milk The Wrong Way:

Vishlesh Singh
May 29, 2019   •  7 views

Do you know milk alone has all the important nutrients human body needs? In fact, it has been studied that milk also provides some unique nutrients which cannot be drawn from any other sources on this planet. However, most of the people drink milk the wrong way that’s why instead of getting its benefits, they face digestion issues, kidney problems, weight gain problems, bloating and even skin allergies. That’s because you are not taking it as it suppose to be taken.I am going to suggest few ways of taking milk to get maximum benefits from it.

First, avoid taking milk with your meals, after your meal or before your meal. It has been said that milk is already complete milk with itself. So, it’s not easy to digest milk along with our meals. You have to take a gap of at least 2 hours before and after taking a meal for having milk. Also, milk always is taken in a sitting position and sip by sip slowly. However, if you are constipated only then you can have milk in a standing position.

Second, If you like having your milk with salty foods like namkeens or adding milk to certain dishes while cooking then you might not be happy to know that according to the Ayurveda, milk with salt causes irregular reactions in your body which may cause serious side effects. One can drink milk at any time a day but the best time to drink milk is evening. It’s because the enzymes required to digest milk are produced during this time of the day.

Third, chilled milk is one of the favourite snack for us in summer but little do we know that milk is heavy in nature.Studies showed that drinking milk heavy is even heavier for our digestive system to digest. So, it has been suggested that drink warm milk for the better digestion. Almost 80% of milk has casein protein which is slow digesting, hence ideally digested in night.