Potential growth occur where there is most weakness..
we all know bihar requires growth as bihar has lowest per capita income of Rs 31,000.
so why bihar is backward state?
1.Geographical disadvantage

As it is land locked state soit doesn't have geographical advantage unlike Gujrat,Maharastra,Andhra,karnatka.so there is no global acess and hence transportation cost increases.

2.No Major Industry:

Bihar has never had big industry.it is one of the highest importer within all states but very few thing get exported from bihar and things got worse when jharkhand mineral rich part of bihar got sepreated from bihar in mid 90's.

3.Freight Equal Policy:

from 1950 to 1993 when jharkhand was part of bihar,the central government doesn't push company to establish their factory in bihar rather bihar government gets transportation cost of the minerals that is being transported from bihar.

4.Frog in the pond thinks it's a ocean:

people in bihar has a stigma of government job.they think civil services exam are everything.surprsingly in bihar dowry buisness support these mindset which allows these potential mind to not to think beyond these .

these are the data from a news site which conducted a survey and based on that they provided the above statistics.so biharis who have potential mind and which can bring change in society can't get over from these things.

5.Caste Politics:
bihar is famous for caste politics.here devlopment politics is taken over by caste politics.
for many years in bihar upper caste people had crushed the voice of lower caste people with the money. it's when jai prakash movement which gave birth to caste politics as lower caste people had find the way to neutralise upper caste by using power and politics as a tool.