Role Of Individual In Prevention Of Pollution

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At the present scenario, the most dangerous threat to the world is ozone layer depletion. On account of ozone layer depletion, many countries have to take initiative to control the ozone layer they banned the plastic system, planting more trees, reduce the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), and they are disposing of the nuclear waste and the solid waste more carefully without harming the living creatures and the society. Environmental pollution cannot be prevented and it cannot be removed easily.

The proper implementation and particularly the individual participation square measure the vital aspects that ought to tend due to importance and stress.

The individual participation is very useful in the lawmaking processes and restraining the pollution activities and thereby the public participation plays a major role in effective environmental management. A small effort made by each individual at his own place will have a pronounced effect at the global level. It is aptly said, "Think globally act locally".

Each individual ought to amendment his or her fashion in such the simplest way to cut back environmental pollution.

Role and responsibility of individual participation in environmental pollution:

There are plenty of responsibilities of the individual to do in his or her in the home to reduce the pollution and to save the society some of the responsibilities are mentioned in the below points of the paragraph they are;

  1. To plant more trees.

  2. To help more in pollution prevention than pollution control.

  3. Use water, energy and other resources efficiently.

  4. To purchase recyclable, recycled and environmentally safe products.

  5. Use chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) free refrigerators.

  6. Use natural gas than coal.

  7. Reduce deforestation.

  8. Increase the use of renewable resources.

  9. Remove NOx from the motor vehicular exhaust.

  10. Use office machines in well-ventilated areas.

  11. Useless polluting substitutes for harmful cleanup agents, paints and other products.

  12. Use of eco-friendly products will reduce pollution.

  13. Don't use polystyrene cups that have chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) molecules, which destroy the ozone layer.

  14. Use rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries will reduce metal pollution.

  15. Use organic manure instead of commercial inorganic fertilizers.

  16. Reduce garbage by recycling and reuse.

  17. Slow population growth.

Role of women in environmental protection:

Women play a vital role in environmental protection, considering their status in social production, consumption and their influence on future generations at home.Various roles of women are,

  1. In rural areas, women plant trees and grass, grow vegetables with the drip-irrigation method in order to save water.

  2. In urban areas, they go shopping using cloth bags to reduce white pollution.

  3. Women refuse to use disposable products to save energy and resources.

  4. Women opt for inexperienced merchandise rather than poor quality that hurt the atmosphere.

  5. They refuse to eat the meat, so a variety of animals are preserved.

  6. They value paper and thus protect trees.

  7. Women bring the concept of environmental protection into families and thus plant a green seed in the heart of children.



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