From the time we open our eyes to the time we take our last breath, one thing which remains constant in our lives is the love and belief, our parents have in us. And even when, they leave us for their heavenly abode their blessings stay forever along with their immortal values

How many times has it happened that a smile on our parents face is all that we need to make our day memorable? There is something about their happiness and smile which goes on to touch the deepest part of our soul and thus tends to make us believe that there is no such thing which we can't do or achieve to ensure that smile stays intact on their faces.

What it also does is, it helps us realize that real happiness does not depend on external factors and even small things are capable enough to make us more than happy in our daily lives and help us admire the beauty of human life which god has embraced us with.

In this era where stress and external factors tend to take over one's mental peace leading them into depression, one needs some or the other motivation to help them out of the situation and thus to also keep them going. And what better motivation than to think about our parents and the ones who are close enough to be termed as our lifelines.

As in most genuine cases whatever a person does is being done for their lifelines with their own self, coming as a second priority. Thus whenever we think about them the idea of doing something wrong like suicide or of putting excessive mental strain on ourselves dies. Moreover, the fact that things are easier said than done, one needs to have a rational understanding of one's situation all the time to come out of that situation in a much better way.

Moving on, lifelines are not limited to our parents and very close ones, life on various stages keeps on providing us with various opportunities which if identified and used wisely, can turn out to be the exact need of that hour for us. Even if, we are unable to take full advantage of a few opportunities that come our way it is not the end, as they in itself tend to act as another lifeline by helping us garner the experience which we gained by putting in our efforts to grasp that opportunity and also by seeing how others tried to grab it.



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