Love!! For some, this may be the most beautiful feeling in the world, while some may argue it to be useless.

Personally, this word has to be the most beautiful one as the influence which it has on one's life is totally unmatched. It takes one into another world, a world full of hope, a world full of self-belief, and a world wherein one can be oneself. And when I say love I mean true love which nowadays is hard to find, the exception being the love we get from our parents.

Recently, there has been a trend among the younger generation to play with others feelings. And what's more worrying about the above statement is the fact that in maximum cases most of them themselves are unaware of this and consider it to be something normal citing the reason that their intention was not to hurt the other person.

Many a time we must have heard of something called one-sided love but how often have we heard of this one-sided love becoming one-sided after it was two-sided and that too for no reason? Not often, but with an increasing number of such cases, this is no more a rarity. And then people tend to justify their intention of being not wrong by simply stating that they do not feel the same anymore, leaving the other person(partner) shattered. Moreover, if true love exists between the duo, then even petty issues can't end it.

Though all these things do not take me by surprise, as it is pretty clear that nowadays people fail to understand the difference between love, like and lust which is the prime reason for such cases.

There has always been a thin lining between love and like which one needs to understand before committing to someone or before coming to a conclusion. To understand this, one firstly needs to try and know the other person in and out. After which they need to introspect on a lot of things and also check out on, what words like forever, actually means.

True love is when you strive to fulfil others need without caring for your personal aspirations.

So let's not unnecessarily make people lose faith on love, as love is one such religion which unites everyone irrespective of the various barriers and once we start appreciating the small beautiful things it provides us with, we will realize it's true value and the magic it carries with itself.

And all this starts with firstly trying to know ourselves, as once we know who we actually are, we will hardly get confused on any of such thing resulting in lesser problems and more happiness in our lives and the persons whom we love.



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