I was in conversation with a young gentleman over coffee last Sunday afternoon and we discussed a lot about our interests, disinterests, thoughts and hobbies and I concluded of him being quite a chivalric young gentleman. I returned home having good thoughts of him looking forward to meet him in future. The following Tuesday I was going through my Face book feed and suddenly a post left me awestruck. It was the same guy’s photo with his friend’s caption as “RIP, BROTHER WE MISS YOU”.

At that moment a strange yet true feeling invaded into my soul. I became familiar to the bitterest truths of life, its uncertainty. We argue with a person today knowing not if we’ll get to even meet them the next day or not. We fight over petty things with our loved ones, we disagree over a certain point with our parents not realising that we may not get time to repent it later.

Being nice is not just a tradition you need to follow but a habit that will in every aspectsmake you abetter person. Lending a hand to your mother to complete the household chores without making excuses and helping your younger siblings with their problems in Maths won’t take you much time but you shall witness happiness on their faces for your deeds and that shall satisfy you enough to face whatever life has in store for you.

The day this whole world realises how unpredictable life is, there shall be no cold wars, no disputes, no discriminations, and hence we won’t need any treaties to restore peace and harmony.

The world would have been a better place if its people realize the bitteresttruthsof life:-