10 Historical Places To Visit In India

Vama Gor
Apr 19, 2019   •  45 views

10 Historical places to visit in India .

Pack your bags and get ready for the quest! Remember the places you read
about in your school textbook ? It is time to make the childhood dream true .
Plan on a “ history-themed” trip throughout India. India has been a home to a
rich cultural heritage and a remarkable history , and what other way to
rejuvenate than to go for a theme trip throughout India? Leave the boring
destinations and tighten your seatbelts, its time to go down the memory lane !
Here is a list of 10 historical places in India you must visit:-

1. Agra Fort – Uttar Pradesh

• Enriching the Mughal culture , Agra Fort , stands as a symbol of
the rich cultural heritage we have had .
• It is a magnificent fort built by Akbar – the great , and contains
two intricately designed gates – Delhi Gate and Amar Singh Gate.
• The fort has been the location to the famous movie “Jodha Akbar”
And is a must see.

2. Mahabodhi Temple – Bodh Gaya , Bihar

• The Mahabodhi temples are one of the four holy grounds of
• The earliest temple built here was by Asoka .
• The shikara towers at the temples is a must see.

3. Fatehpur Sikhri – Uttar Pradesh

• Fatehpur Sikhri is a royal city placed in Uttar Pradesh that was

built by the Mughals.
• The main places to visit in Fatehpur Sikhri are Diwan - e - Aam and
Diwan - e – Khas
• The beautiful Palace was created with eloquent buildings and
pillars but was abandoned due to shortage of water.

4. Rani ki Vav – Gujarat

• Rani ki Vav is a massive step well that is around 24 meters deep
and one of the most unexplored places in historic terms .
• It was built by King Bhimdev of the Solanki dynasty in the memory
of his wife Queen Udayamati.
• The middle area of the stepwell is designed with the theme of
“Dashaavatar” and is absolutely breathtaking.

5. Ajanta and Ellora Caves – Aurangabad.

• Ajanta Caves are Buddhist rock cut caves situated in Aurangabad ,

Maharashtra . The cuts are the finest examples of ancient indian

• The Ellora caves , collaborate all three , Buddhist , hindu and jain
temples , and are finely rock cut .
• The exquisite architecture is breathtaking and beautiful .

6. Mysore Palace – Karnataka

• The residence of Wadiyar dynasty , Ambavila palace , or the
Mysore palace is an example of beauty and fine architecture .
• It is a sight to see as it incorporates Hindu , Mughal , Rajput and
Gothic styles of architecture .
• The Mysore palace is strongly a must visit.

7. Qutub Minar – Delhi

• The Qutub Minar built by Qutub Ud Din Aibak is a larger than life
• The monument is well known for his majestic structure and a
soaring height.
• It is a five storey minaret that will surely blow your mind away!

8. Konark Temple – Orrisa

• The Konark Temple in Orissa is a tribute the to sun-god.
• The twelve wheels beneath the temple , denote the actual time!
• The three statues of the sun god are a must see.

9. Khajurao Temples – Madhya Pradesh

• The Khajurao temples are a perfect embellishment of gods and
• Here , there are complex and intricate designs that portray love
,creation and sensuality and is a must visit.
• It has a beautiful design both within and on the exterior that.
baffles the visitor!

10. Hampi – Karnataka

• We might have heard the stories that are associated with Hampi
but aren’t aware about its exquisite beauty.

• Hampi , is situated in Karnataka , which contains rock outcrops ,
gopurams, chariot structures and magnificent halls, that sing the
valiant tales of the Hindu kings .
• These temples have carvings from the 14 th century!

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