Pollution could be harming every part of your body

• TheWorld Health Organization (WHO) says more than90% of the world’s population is breathing in polluted air– a mix of gas and particles such as soot and smoke.

• Greenhouse gases are causing global warming, but it’s the particles that make up those compounds that are affecting global health.

• Withseven million deaths a year from toxic air-more than the number of people who die from smoking globally- it’s been described as a silent public health emergency.

What’s happening in your body?

• When you breathe polluted air into your lungs, ultra-fine particles –particulate matter smaller than 10 micrometres– can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

• These particles are then transported throughout the body to all other vital organs.

• The main reason air pollution damages our bodies is because of the inflammation that results from our immune system's response to the particle. Immune system thinks that air particles are bacteria and releases antibodies.

So, start imitating to deduce the pollution.