Space has always been a center of interest for all variety of people be it scientists, astronomers or any other occupation specific person. This interest for space led to series of discoveries which helped in knowing and exploring it. Since the start of any discoveries related to space, the passion to know its dept has been ever-growing.

This journey of exploration sparked from the development of the telescope which helped people in observing space from earth’s surface. Then came the satellite for taking a step ahead to observe it from a closer proximity. As the interest grew, the thought of sending men into space proved to be a big leap for exploring it and hence humans incarnated the first man-made space vehicles. Even after sending man into space, the urge for understanding the dept didn’t end. Another desire ascended the human minds, exploration of the astronomical bodies and so the journey began towards Moon and Mars. At present, many space research projects are being carried out for many centuries, almost every year and almost every mission is successful in their own ways. This is attributed to tremendous advancements in technology.

Now, let’s take a minute and think that we, the normal people who are not astronauts watch only space videos and pictures. What if there is a chance to witness space in reality and gaze it through our own eyes? What if instead of booking for a trip to Dubai or Miami, booking could be made for vacations in space? This means we could be like tourists visiting space. Now, space tourism is no longer a myth but an opportunity created as prospect for freedom to travel through space. Space tourism has grown as a profitable business for producing launch vehicle which could expand the potential of expansion of mankind throughout the solar system. The first person to become a space tourist was American multimillionaire Dennis Tito in the year 2001. He flew through the space on a Soyuz capsule at his own expense of $20 million. Till date, only seven people including Dennis have had the experience the nearness to space through space travel. Space tourism is not yet everyone’s cup of tea. It is majorly operated by several private companies which would arrange paid trips and funded astronaut at high prices which many can’t afford. The expense could go upto $20-40 million per passenger.

Presently, the idea is facing demise due to inadequacy of large scale settlement in space and expensive transportation. Also, space trials of launchers are being conducted by private companies like Virgin Galactic to facilitate the travel of their first passengers. The year 2019 is thought to be a prospect year in the direction of space tourism. The other sub-orbital tourist vehicles other than Virgin Galactic preparing for tourism include Blue origin, Space Adventures and Rocketplane Kistler.


Nevertheless, Space settlement could bring in tremendous benefits for mankind widening the possibility of planning out an environmentally sustainable living. This could only become a reality with much robust and inexpensive launches from the currently existent systems. The coming years would show us the growth and desires of mankind’s evolution for a next stage innovation.