We generate large quantities of waste in the form of plastics that remain in the environment for many years and cause damage. We use a huge quantity of paper in our schools and in offices. Have we ever thought about the number of trees we use in a day ? Have we ever looked into the harmful effects it causes to the environment and ultimately to us?

Here we'll be talkie about the harmful effects of climate change.

  • Even small increase in the earth's temperature caused by climate change can have a severe effect. More global warming will lead to more evaporations which will cause more rain. Animals and plants cannot adapt to increased rainfall. Plants may die and animals may migrate to other areas which may cause an imbalance in the entire ecosystem.

  • Rising sea levels, due to the melting of polar ice caps contribute to a greater storm damage. The melting of glaciers will create a plethora of problems for humankind and the animals living on earth.

  • As the temperature becomes warmer , it can effect the health of humans and cause diseases. The earth will become warmer and as a result heat waves are likely to increase which has caused more deaths in recent years than in last sixty years. As more carbon dioxide is trapped in atmosphere , breathable air will be hard to come by.

  • Global warming can affect agriculture. Although the results are not visible yet, it may show effects in years to come. As the global temperature will increase plats will find it harder to survive. Plants are the major source of food for human beings and as a result food shortage may occur.