When You Are Feeling Desperate..

Aquilin Sneha
Jul 02, 2019   •  12 views
  1. Hello my dear readers,today I'm here to pen about what to do if you are feeling worried or hopeless.

    Everyone of us would have undergone an embarrassment. When someone hurts you with words or you feel hurt don't forgot to overpower yourself .We ought to control our minds or else situations would turn worse.If you feel that someone is throwing criticisms on you don't become upset instead accept to learn that and keep moving because life is a great blessing we ought to design with positivity. Let's not mask ourselves with sad faces instead accept it .

When we pull a long face a kind of negativity is

resonated into the environment around us and it also causes despairity to the person with us.Let us not become a prey to negativism instead spread positivity with a broad smile on our face.

Worries are common to everyone. It is in us to dismantle melancholic thoughts from our minds.

Let's not become hopeless when someone yells at you or accuses let's sparkle like the lightning in the dark sky.If we start igniting the fire called change among dry leaves it would spread spontaneously.

So never let yourself dominated by pessimistic thoughts.



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Aquilin Sneha  •  4y  •  Reply
Thank you
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Positive vibes.. huh!👍