Warm greetings to my readers. 

In this wrytup I would like  to share my dream in verse.

Here we go,

Open your poetic senses to enthrall your poetic hearts.

Little Girl in my dream

Pinkish brown frock she wore,

Bought it from a leading store,

I hope so,

Into the garden she peeped,

Caught an earthworm,

It wriggled and slipped out of her pink palm,

Decked her palms with mud,

Pure earthly soil,

Dug the soil,

Sweet sweat and toil,

Sowed a seed,

Patted the soil with her cute hands,

Adorned the area with rose petals,

Days passed by ,

A plant grew, 

Flowers a few,

It bore,

The little girl adorned her black glossy hair, 

With those flowers.

                          The End


Written by

Aquilin smiley. 




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Wow...keep writing stuff❤
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Ok ma'am
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