Words are seeds that do more than blow around. They land in our hearts and not theground. Be careful what you plant and careful what you say. You might have to eat what you planted one day.

Do you have control on your words? Imagine a world in the absence of words. Will it be easier for the world to function? India is a mother land who carries a large population in her womb. It is a diverse nation in the world. We get to see different colours of religion- Hindu, Punjabi, Muslim, Gujarati, and Bengali etc. Every religion has a different language through which they communicate. And words make that communication possible. Through words feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas of an individual can be expressed. Words are the building blocks of this World on which everything operates. Without words, it will become difficult for us to survive on this planet. Words are as important as the basic requirements of life.

Words act as pearls which ornate the garland. They are capable of changing someone’s life.There are many instances that we could trace from our daily lives- a lover who desperately waits to hear ‘I love you’ from his beloved, a mother who waits to talk to his son, a guiltyperson who longs to make his apology. These all situations require medium that is words. Thus, Words have the kingdom of their own. They do much more than beyond conveying meaning. They can shape an individual’s mind and can influence every decision of your lives.They act as a catalyst in life. They can create and can destroy. We should be very careful while using words .Use those words which could yield positive results not destructive results.I was scrolling through the internet and found a powerful video. I would like to share that story as it is worth sharing. This story was portrayed in the form of a short film produced byPurple Feather Online Content Specialists.

There was a blind homeless man seated on the streets. He had a board sign which read “I am blind. Please help”. No one paid much attention to him. Barely people came and gave him some coins. Then a lady passed by , she noticed the board sign and rewrote it. Then the sign read “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see” Afterwards he received pedestrian’s attention and collected lots of coins. The lady came back to look at him and he asked her “What did you do to my sign?” to which she replied "I wrote the same but different words".

The lady rewrote in such a way that people could relate to it. The choice of words she used, made people stopped and realized something that was very true. This is the magic of Words. Words can create magic. People ignored the blind Man until Woman changed his sign! Here,through this story, we can learn that the choice of words does really hold a lot of meaning for people and they can change people’s outlook completely yet we don’t pay much attention to them. Isn’t it scary?

Words are your possession and no one can steal them from you. Make effective use of the Words. Words can create reality and can alter perceptions. Words have power, words are power, and words could be your power. Use your Words wisely!

Your mouth can spit venom or it can mend the broken souls