How Comfortable Are You With The Change?

Tulika Singhal
Jun 18, 2019   •  277 views

I have been talking about the change, the transformation process. But this process is not at all easy. It comes with so many hardships and it is definitely a scary process. But change is inevitable. No one can escape from it. Some changes are natural like change in the physical appearance, the changing season etc but some changes come as surprise , out of them some are welcoming while some seems to us as shock. Whether those changes are good or bad, we all should learn to handle those changes. Our intelligence lies in that only, to accept the change because resisting it will not give us any result.

Our life is very unpredictable. We don’t know what will happen the next moment. Like, business comes with profit or loss; there is hell/heaven, good /bad, Coin has two sides similarly our life undergoes a constant change. When something goes different from the routine then it is alarming. A sudden change in life, in the behaviour of a person can move our life like storm. But as soon as we will get this process, we will be contented.

But some changes are required to make our life better. Transformation is a painful process. Sometimes, we have to imbibe changes in ourselves with our consent. For example - marble is cut down to give a form of statue, it is indeed a painful process but marble has to wear the pain to display in the form of statue. Then only people would admire its beauty.Similarly, we should accept change. Change takes time. We should give people some time to change themselves. Like, if you move into new city, it will take you time to adjust there. Change is difficult but not hard to do. If you think that you are required to change something in your life whether it is your behaviour or something else then go ahead. Everything has a process. Please be patient with the change and gradually you will see the difference itself.

I have seen many people who don’t want to move out their comfort zone. This is because we get addicted to our comfort zone because there we can do things with ease. We are at peace and get satisfaction over there. But that comfort zone doesn’t add growth to our soul. For the growth, we need to move out from our comfort zone and then only we can find new feathers added to our cap. Change can be challenging whether good or bad but we should learn to welcome those change.