Knives Out Film Review- Must Watch

Tiya Singh
Dec 19, 2019   •  4 views
I suspect foul play, and I have eliminated no suspects.- Benoit Blanc
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I don’t know many facts but here’s one for sure-Agatha Christie murder mysteries never get old. This marvellous adaptation exceeds expectations especially after following the blockbuster release of “Murder on the Orient Express.” The makers have not blindly followed the book, but rather ensured that the characters can converse in the millennial twang so that they are much more relatable to the viewers. The magic of it lies with the wormhole of suspense it creates within the already existing suspense to keep the audience hooked, anxiously clutching onto their popcorn or whatever other godforsaken e & expensive eatable they have purchased from the hall. The film makes a joke of itself in parts, which add to its brilliant direction. Without any hiccups, like a perfect murder mystery jigsaw puzzle, you have everything comfortingly fall into place to make perfect sense in the last few minutes.

Watching Daniel Craig play private investigator is a refreshing break from his 007 roles, despite all the pizzaz they unquestionably possess. Go watch it- even if it means watching a pirated version online. NO, NO, That was a joke. Piracy is equal parts terrible , illegal as well downright disrespectful to the effort the makers put into any creative work. But in all seriousness, go watch it even if it means spending the remaining amount of your already diminishing bank balance, dear reader. This film, assuredly can turn a wholesomely crappy week around.

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