Role Of Women In Modern Society

Tiasa Biswas
Jun 03, 2019   •  202 views

The society is incomplete without the contribution of the women. Women are the creative force of the universe in almost all it's expression. Women exhibits different roles in one's life be it of a mother or a friend. However the role of women in modern society has really transformed in comparison with the previous centuries. With the freedom of the country, the women also regained her lost position and reasserted her equality with man. However the inner workings of the society need to be revamped to eliminate all prejudiceswomen face simply because of being a Woman. The feminist movement has earned women a new status in society that was not possible fifty years ago, but there is still room for improvement.

In ancient times, it was believed and made a fact that "women are born to be in kitchen" and this thought still persists within many families. Women should be confined to the house for serving the family and bringing up children. Talents of women were restricted to cooking and embroidery. Women were supposed to keep themselves covered and was not allowed to come in front of strangers. Women had to always hide their face behind a veil commonly called"ghoonghat".

This method was commonly called "purdah system".
Women had no say and least importance was awarded. She was always considered weak and incapable. Medieval India witnessed how women were kept away from the basic right of education. It is because the society feared that " education might make a girl wittier than a man" which could be very disrespectful.

With the changing time, the place of women has changed significantly. They raised their voices and opinions in everyway possible so that they could reach their goals. With time, position of women within a family and also workplace has changed. With the introduction of Industrial Revolution in 19th century, many more jobs were opened to a woman in the work force. Now women give expertise in almost every field. They are holding key positions in various industries, and stand equally with men everywhere. Thus the future progress of the country depends upon a women's care which she rears up. Indeed, she has become a source of supreme inspiration to man on her onward March.

The importance of having significant role of a woman along with man is recognized by the society too. Even men equally fight for the women's right. Today we are successful citizens of our country not only because of women, but also men. Contribution of men for the upliftment of women's rights are huge. Women no longer are conservative or defensive. They have tried and progressing to protect themselves from outside world. The dressing of woman have noticeably changed. Today they have the freedom to opt attires that are comfortable and confident. The change in attitude of women reflects in modern dressing.

With spreading awareness, position of a woman today is very much beside a man. Woman has finally achieved a respectful place in a society. A girl child is no longer a liability or burden, rather she is much desired. Apart from the people who misuse their rights , women should step ahead to empowermentand along with the men build a better society tomorrow.



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