Global warming is defined as the increase in the average temperature of the earth.The temperature of the earth is increasing mainly due to the natural and unnatural reasons.Today, global warming is the biggest and strongest challenge that the world is facing.It is also the major environmental issue for all the countries affecting almost all the living beings, nature, and weather and becoming a threat to our planet.

The causes of global warming are many. The average temperature of the earth's atmosphere is mainly increasing due to the emissions from human activities, fossil fuels, industry and agricultural processes caused by humans. The biggest natural cause of global warming is the"Greenhouse Effect". This means that the gases make the earth hotter by absorbing thermal radiations from the sun.The gases do not let the radiations to escape from the earth's atmosphere, thus increasing the overall temperature of the earth.The greenhouse effect is actually caused by the increased quantities of gases like carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane, nitrous oxide etc.Other greenhouse gases are synthetic chemicals that are emitted as a result of human activities.

Moreover due to severe increase in the temperature, the oceans are evaporating which leads to heavy rains, severe storms, melting of glaciers, which inturn lead to flood. Globally people have been alarmed about the critical situation the world is facing.

The world will come to an end if we don't take appropriate measures to control global warming. Public awareness campaigns can attract the mass and help to propagate the correct way of fighting with global warming because unless each and every individual is aware, the desired difference cannot be brought. Internationally, cars and other vehicles should use alternate energy sources like electrical charge or solar power. Use of plastics in our day to day life should be drastically reduced.Lastly we should grow more and more trees and avoid deforestation. Growing more trees will contribute largely to maintain the temperature of the earth and also control the level of carbon dioxide in the air. Global warming is a serious issue which has brought the earth together to fight against it.

Therefore it becomes our duty to contribute in saving our planet.Thus we have to keep the planet green so that we and our next generations will get a more beautiful world to live in.Let's make a promise that we'll stand together and make this world a better place to live in. We'll protect our nature along with its flora and fauna and reduce use of plastics and non renewable sources of energy.



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